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Designed and developed specifically for extreme surf casting and, in particular, to meet the needs of the Maio Fishing Club, this fast-action rod makes power, strength and reliability its strong points. Its action is the result of long testing to find the ideal compromise between various factors: the need to reduce unfavourable leverage during fish-fighting, casting performance, compatibility with both revolving- and fixed-spool reels and handiness. The MFC is composed of three elements: a tip section with a forgiving bend that is more progressive closer to the tip for best performance during long fish fights; a powerful butt section with a long handle and a low-mount reel seat; a butt extension which extends the butt length without sacrificing power. This element also allows quick change from a low-mount to a high-mount reel seat configuration and conversely, thereby offering the benefits of both configurations with just one rod, i.e. reduced leverage and improved fish-fighting comfort, harness compatibility and fishing with big live baits in the ”low-mount” configuration; increased leverage when casting, reduced effects of wave motion on the fishing action during wait time and reel protection from sand and saltwater in the ”high-mount” configuration. The tip section is slightly shorter than the butt section to ensure safe transport. Both the butt and butt extension are fitted with gimbal, the former to provide stability and support for the rod when tucked into the belt, the latter to prevent rod from rotating on the support. The MFC features Fuji Sic Gun Smoke guides.
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ob5000 per fisso e rotante 4,10 - 3,503fuji sic150/350 gr206 cm