Eagle Claw - hook

EAGLE CLAW is a renowned US company which has been manufacturing hooks for over 80 years. The EAGLE CLAW are the only hooks in the world that are sharpened using the LAZER SHARP technology, a patented trademark of Eagle Claw that has gained worldwide popularity. EAGLE CLAW utilizes an exclusive sharpening process which consists of various steps. The hook point is first forged, then is refined by smoothing the metal to achieve maximum strength. The point is then precision ground and, as a last step, chemically sharpened. Thanks to this sharpening process which provides superior strength and perfect penetration, the EAGLECLAW hooks have no equals in the market today. Other manufacturers just chemically sharpen their hooks, EAGLE CLAW has set new standards of excellence for hook sharpening. EAGLE CLAW – THE VITAL LINK Fish hooks are the main link between fish and fisherman, so fishing success is directly related to hook performance. The hook is the first point of contact between the fish and the angler; it is the cheapest part of a fisherman’s tackle, yet it is in many respects the most important. The bait or lure attracts the fish, but it’s the hook which penetrates the fish’s mouth, holds the fish during the fight and delivers it to the bank. Eagle Claw’s engineers have been conducting research and tests on fishing hooks for decades to develop the best hook for each type of fishing. Such studies led to the development of innovative features and solutions that ensure Eagle Claw hooks do their job and do it better than any other hook in the world. Every day at Eagle Claw competitive hooks are tested under laboratory conditions; the results of such tests indicate that Eagle Claw are the thickest and strongest hooks ever produced. A hook catches a fish, but Eagle Claw hooks catch more than one, and this for a variety of reasons. 1) Strength and sharpening of the point. There are basically two ways to make a hook point: the first consists in grinding the hook wire into a conical point – like sharpening a pencil. This is a fast method to form a point, but may create very weak points, which can be easily bent by hard mouthed fish. At Eagle Claw the hook point is first forged and then refined for strength by smoothing the metal; the point is then ground with a precision grinding wheel and, lastly, it is chemically sharpened. Another appreciated feature of the Eagle Claw hooks is the curved point which was invented by Drew McGill in the 30s. The point is slightly turned in the direction of the line of pull, allowing it to penetrate the fish’s mouth in a straight line. This point shape provides instant penetration in soft-mouthed fish and a secure hookhold. To target fish with medium to hard mouth tissue, Eagle Claw has changed the shape of this point, creating a range of hooks that penetrate slower but much deeper into the fish flesh. 2) Hook eye. The eyes of Eagle Claw hooks are designed to ensure safe connection of the hook to the line. The hook eye must be closed; if the eye is not perfectly closed, the sharp edge may cut the line or the hook may come off. Bad eyes lose fish. Eagle Claw offers three types of eye closures: Ring Eye, Up Eye, Down Eye. 3) Hook wire and hardening process. To guarantee the highest quality of its hooks, Eagle Claw utilizes only carbon steel and stainless steel. The wire is worked with machines that have been specially designed and developed for this purpose by Eagle Claw. Hooks are bent to different shapes and then hardened with extreme precision. This process makes the hook so strong that it may slightly bend under strain from a large fish, but will never break. 4) Finish. The hook finish is important for many reasons. A bright colour may attract the fish with shiny reflections, while a dark colour may help to conceal the hook. In addition, the finish protects the hook from corrosion. Among the various finishes available on Eagle Claw hooks, the Sea Guard (TM) finish stands out for long-lasting durability. Finally, let us just say that the Eagle Claw hooks are almost certainly the strongest, sharpest and thinnest hooks available on the market today. For more information visit www.eagleclaw.com