For nearly 50 years Italcanna has designed and built fishing rods and reels to meet the fisherman's requirements throughout the world.
The modern machinery used by Italcanna and craftsmen who have over 30 years of experience allow Italcanna to produce quality and innovation unsurpassed in the industry.
All models are tested in the laboratory and by experts in fishing and long casting guaranteeing the unsurpassed Italcanna quality.
The performance and quality of our fishing rods has a strong following on the tournament-casting field producing results we are proud of. Italcanna rods at this moment hold seven World Championships, eleven European Championships and thirty-eight Italian Championships

In addition, Italcanna is the official distributor of the brands Ande, Eagle Claw and Scotty on the italian territory.


21/02/2018 - New tournament Win
by Angelo Ciacci
Angelo Ciacci wins one of the qualifications for the Italian Cup. The competition took place on January 21st in Castegiorgio (Terni) and was won by Ciacci with his great cast of 257,09 m (843,5 ft) in the 150g class using our Vector B4. We want to thank him once again for the incredible effort and gained results.


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