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Hunger is part of the new middle-heavy spinning line and differentiates from other models for the following features:
- extremely easy to cast with, making you reach longer distances with lower effort - suitable for small areas that require a quick loading such as on boats (especially with many people around and awnings) or on rock fishing - great versatility in powers and lures’ types - perfectly balanced in your hand - suitable for both boat and ground fishing - usable for bigger preys IM carbon made to guarantee lightness and high performances on important recoveries. XL Extralight handle, FUJI guides and reelseat in the new FAZLITE serie. Dismountable handle shaped for a perfect grip. The 65 model is extremely versatile and starts acting great from 30 g (1 oz) with excellent managment of minnow, jig and rubber artificial lures. The 90 model is suitable for boat and ground fishing, even with important preys like tuna or wels catfish. It can perfectly handle both of them despite its great and sensible tip answer. All models have a final gimbal.

130 - max drag 260 cm2FUJI FazLitemax casting 130 g184 cm
30 - max drag 2.5 Kg 240 cm2FUJI FazLitemax casting 50 g184 cm
65 - max drag 6 Kg 240 cm2FUJI FazLitemax casting 70 g184 cm
90 - max drag 9 K 280 cm2FUJI FazLitemax casting 90 g184 cm
90 - max drag 9 Kg 240 cm2FUJI FazLitemax casting 90 g184 cm

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