What indicates the maximum casting weight on our rods?

Indicating the maximum weight for overhead casting (no specific model) does not include Pendulum or Off the Ground casting wich are both tecnical casting methods. The optimum casting weight could be less than indicated as maximum casting weight depending on the model.

What expresses the number of "Action" on our surfcasting rods?

The action expresses on an our rod indicated a number that varies from 0 to 1, where 0 means parabolic rod while a rod with action 1 is perfectly tip action. A rod with action 0.5 is therefore more parabolic compared to a rod with action 0.7.

Why do not we show the total weight of the rods?

The total weight of the rod is in most case a misleading indication One could think that a rod with a weight of 100g is lighter in hand than than a rod from the weight of 120 g.
This very often is not true.
The figure really important is in fact the balance in hand when stretched all the telescopic elements. Greater weight on the butt indeed leads to a definitely greater balancing, better management of the launch and more stable response to vibration.
In Italcanna this balancing process has always been an important question,so we invite you to take in a hand our rods.

Can I be sure to find a model that is perfectly the same over time?

Italcanna cannot guarantee the perfect correspondence between products of different lots
The reasons can be the most varied, often they are small productive improvment, but very often it happens that some substances or colors or type of materials become unavailable also due to new ecological regulations, such as it has been for lead, chromium or certain resins. In addition to this many of our suppliers such as Fuji, Aftco, Stuart and others, sometimes introduce variation on their products. ITalcanna also, as you well know, keeps its products alive for many years, this guarantees you the possibility to always find your model and also any spare parts, but the perfect aesthetic or material correspondence cannot in any case be guaranteed.